• Try and practice an interview with a friend or family member, or ask at your local job centre about practice interviews.
    • Carry out some research into the company first, particularly in relation to the type of work that you want to do for them.
    • Think about the job that you are applying for, and how any experience you may have had before could be applied to it.
    • Dress smartly for the interview.
    • Make sure you go alone to the interview. If someone gave you a lift to the interview, ask them to wait in the car.
    • Be on time. A couple of minutes early is fine, but if it looks like you are going to be late, phone ahead.
    • When you meet the interviewer, shake their hand firmly.
    • Although it is not a natural situation, try to relax, smile, and be polite.
    • Listen to the questions that are asked with care. If you need to pause and think about your answers, do so.
    • If you do not understand something that is said, ask them to explain further. Do not guess.
    • Try and not deviate from the questions too much.
    • Pay particular attention to letting the interviewer know about what relevant experience you have had in the past, and what skills you have acquired that can help you with the job you are applying for.
    • You should carry a brief resume of any relevant information that you may need to produce, such as references, NI and bank details. You may be required to fill in an application form prior to the interview.